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What a great opportunity it is to work with such a seasoned professional. Susan exemplifies all that I consider to be part of the package for success as a leader. She is fair, honest, trustworthy, detailed, creative, and demonstrates the ability to work through any issue that an organization may face. During my HHSA trainings she always made herself available if needed and provided any support that might help to ensure my projects were successful for her teams. Our relationship as colleagues continues today and I always look forward to working with her on projects. She is a continued resource for my HRx team and I value her expertise and opinions.

- Barbara Greenstein, Human Performance Improvement Consultant


Susan teaches a course called "Coaching Leaders and Managers" in my program at San Diego State called "Coaching For Organizational Excellence." Because of her background developing leadership academies for major employers, her knowledge of Human Performance Improvement and her success as an executive coach, she is one of the top instructors in the program. I have known her for over 20 years and can recommend her for projects spanning leadership development, executive coaching and organization development.

- Jordan Goldrich, Senior Executive Coach/Consultant; Chief Operations Officer; Center For Creative Leadership Executive Coach

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Susan is absolutely excellent! She has assisted me with taking the steps necessary to pursue my career goals and life passions. Our monthly coaching sessions are always "right on time" and I get the techniques I need to press forward with momentum needed to endure the journey of a successful business professional.

- Tinesia Conwright, Workforce Development Specialist and Community Outreach Coordinator


Susan is the consummate professional in every sense. She has a rare and exceptional insight that cuts to the heart of an issue quickly. Her communication skills are first rate, making it easy for her to explain the most complex subjects with ease to any audience. Susan can be counted on to consistently deliver services that are rich in quality, creativity, and effectiveness.

- June Dudas, Co-Owner, Business and Marketing Manager at Artistic Glassworks; E-Marketing Consultant

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Susan is an insightful consultant. She uses all her education and experience to bear on the problem at hand whether it is strategic planning, team building, diversity education, career management, etc.. She has an excellent clinical background and is very savvy about how organizations work. She is reliable, trustworthy and credible. She follows through and has a work ethic second to none. She cares about what she is doing and it shows.

- Trudy Sopp, Founder, The Centre for Organization Effectiveness; Lecturer, College of Business Administration


Susan Curtin has a passion for developing people and helping them move toward their highest potentials. She uses this passion in a variety organizations to help the people and therefore the organization become more effective. As a professional, Susan is highly respected in the fields of Learning and Organizational Development.

- Cathy Bolger, trainer, coach, and owner of CathyBolger.com

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Susan on multiple occasions has graciously and selflessly given me much of her time and has made a larger impact on me personally and professionally than anyone else I’ve spoken with during a difficult career transition. She is a world class listener and is able to provide such instant multi-layered insight into the most complex problems one faces. She has an unparalleled ability to give advice and generate useful, necessary thought in the areas she knows you as an individual do not adequately access. I’ve had several mentors over the last three years, but few have had the impact on my professional life that Susan has so effortlessly had. She gave me the single best piece of advice anyone has ever given me, and it would have taken me years to figure out on my own. This particular piece of advice isn’t for everyone, but she saw that I needed it and delivered the gravity of the content a perfect way for it to stay in the front of my mind.

- Adam Bolcik, Senior Operations Flexport.org


The difference between the work that I've done with other third party groups vs. with Insights4Results resides in the development of a 'partnership'. Because I trust you, have the highest level of confidence in your work and believe that you have the right intentions for me and my organization, I have often approached you for advice, insight and an alternative approach on projects outside our scope of work. Your feedback and insight has been 'spot on'. Thank you for your partnership and adding value. Our work together will continue.

- John Briggs, Director of Integrated Performance Development, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

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Susan is a seasoned, expert coach and facilitator that goes the extra mile to serve her clients and encourage her collaborators. I have seen Susan seize the right moment to bring about positive change on a variety of situations. She has the unique ability to be honest, straightforward and sensitive-- all at the same time. Susan is one of those persons that knows when to use silence to catalyze the synergies of a group of executives in a meeting. As a client, she is explicit in her requirements and appreciative of my services. It is a joy working with her.

- Millie Vilapana, MA & CPLP, Organizational Development & Technical Training Specialist at Kyocera North America


Every public and private sector training department should have one: a training and development pro who is dialed into community training resources, savvy about best practices, and relentless when it comes to organization-wide professional development opportunity. Susan understands the importance of providing robust, sustainable and targeted training to all levels of employees to benefit their personal development and overall employee performance.

- Sarah Halstead, SDCCD Employee Training Institute

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Susan's expertise in planning and facilitating group discussions to achieve established objectives was invaluable during this transition period for the trauma medical directors and nurse managers. She successfully kept the group focused, allowed for pertinent discussions of the issues, and led the group to important decision making that will impact the future of the Trauma Medical Audit Committee.

- Carmel Angelo, Emergency Medical Services


I had the pleasure of working with Susan during my internship and subsequent employment with the County of San Diego. Susan is a hard-working, dedicated professional and expert in her field. She has a passion, vision and insight that is truly impressive and she is one of a few colleagues that have been instrumental in providing me guidance and opportunities for my personal and professional development. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Susan is definitely on the path to achieving great things.

- Kia Poe, MS,LPN, SPHR, Program Director, Care Delivery Transformation at WellPoint

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