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Primary Mindset Indicator™

Achieving results is about closing gaps and turning strategy into execution and creativity into innovation. The bridge over these gaps is Collaboration. And the columns of this bridge are mindsets.

Are you winning business but losing money?

Are you outperforming your team but underperforming on your strategy?


Does the whole of your business ultimately add up to more than the sum of its parts?

C-Level leaders have leaner teams but beefier goals. Leveraging the very best out of each and every employee is a must, not a should. Leaders need an actionable framework with which they can deal with daily challenges while keeping the organization moving cohesively toward the overarching goal of improved results.

This leadership framework should allow leaders to apply their talents while gathering the best collective thinking from their teams. What benefits leaders is not only a list of good leadership practices but mental models that help them drive value with collaborative decision making and problem solving.

The right mental model is a map to success. The Primary Mindset Indicator™ uses mental models to introduce a framework, concrete examples, and patterns of reflective thought and conversations to bring about consistent collaboration.

Developing Collaborative Leadership is more than acquiring content. The goal is to build leadership capacity. The breakthrough of understanding for Insights4Results is that Collaborative Leadership development should focus on three areas:

  1. Skills and abilities

    • Learn the traits and behaviors that drive collaboration

  2. Mental models

    • Understand how the Primary Mindset Indicator enables personal responsibility for collaborative leadership

    • Recognize and avoid the mental models that squash organizational collaboration

  3. Tools and processes

    • Apply the Accountability Flowchart to implement effective decisions and execution