Engaging employees, retaining talent and building a succession plan to ensure you have the right people to fill the right positions at the right time requires an ongoing investment in your employees. The investment comes from the time and attention provided by supervisors and managers in developing your internal talent.

The critical competency required for successfully managing staff is accurately identifying what state your employees are in and then providing the appropriate process and associated managerial behavior. Though coaching is important for developing and retaining talent it requires the supervisor or manager identify when an employee is ready for coaching and then differentiating between providing coaching for performance, development or improved performance. Insights4Results, LLC created a model called Managing4Results™ which provides a tool for supervisors and managers to accurately assess the employee’s state and the corresponding process and managerial behavior to ensure successful engagement and retention.

The Managing4Results™ Model includes the following components:

·3 Processes




·6 States







·12 Managerial Behaviors

oTeach & Reinforce

oClarify & Encourage

oStretch & Support

oExplore & Engage

oCorrect & Counsel

oRestrict & Confront

A client organization has successfully incorporated the Managing4Results™ model into their performance management system. It has allowed for a common language and identification of each employee state and the appropriate process and managerial behavior to ensure employee engagement, retention and succession. The model has supported the manager’s ability to know when to coach and how to coach. It has resulted in addressing performance issues early and determining if the position is a good fit along with reengaging a high performing employee whose performance has begun to slip.

If you currently manage staff, where would you plot each of your employees?

  • Do you feel confidence in your ability to train, coach or discipline?

  • How would you rate your managerial behaviors, do you believe you are competent in each?

  • Do you know the difference between coaching for performance, coaching for development and coaching for improved performance?

  • Do you have employees who are at Mastery that you are continuing to stretch and develop?

In your responses to the questions please consider what you could begin doing differently to develop your internal talent.